Disable Wi-Fi Adapter



Disable the Wi-Fi Adapter

To disable the Wi-Fi adapter:

  1. Unload all materials from the printer.
  2. Turn the printer off and remove its Wi-Fi antenna and print bed.
  3. Tape the printer's visor and lid closed to prevent them from accidentally opening.
  4. Turn the printer onto its side.
  5. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the ten screws from the bottom plate.

  6. Remove the bottom plate from the printer.
  7. Unplug the Wi-Fi module from the USB hub in the base of the printer.

  8. Replace the bottom plate of the printer and use the Phillips head screwdriver to secure the ten screws.
  9. Place the printer upright and power it on. Reinstall the print bed.
  10. Select the Wi-Fi or Ethernet icon from the dashboard.

  11. Press the Offline tile to prevent the printer from using extra resources to search for wireless networks.

  12. Select Done.

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