Replace Z-Axis Lead Screw


  • Replace Z-Axis Lead Screw
  • Recalibrate Printer



Z-Axis Replacement


To replace the Z-Axis Lead Screw:

  1. Unload any plastic or fiber that is loaded into the printer.
  2. Turn off the printer.
  3. Turn the printer on its back.
  4. Use a phillips head screw driver to remove the 10 screws from the bottom plate of the printer.

  5. Use a 2.5mm allen wrench to remove the four bolts in the bottom of the interior of the printer.

  6. Thread and pull the stepper motor and lead screw out of the printer.
  7. Thread and push the new assembly into the printer.
  8. Use a 2.5 allen to replace the four screws in the bottom of the interior of the printer.

  9. Use a phillips to replace the 10 screws on the bottom plate.

  10. Flip the printer right-side-up and turn it on.

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Recalibrate the Z-Axis


To ensure your printer is ready for printing:

  1. Spread grease on the lead screw, if needed.
  2. Manually move the stage up and down to disperse the grease.
  3. Ensure the print stage can move the entire travel span of the Z-axis.
  4. Start the Shim Bed Level utility
  5. Use the Plastic Shim to check the leveling at the first thumb screw. If the level seems good, skip to step 6. If the leveling seems off, please follow the next steps:
    1. Attempt to adjust the thumb screw to obtain a good level at the first point. If there is enough travel in the thumb screw to attain a good level at that point, continue with the leveling process and skip to step 6.
    2. If the print bed is too close or too far from the print head to accurately level the print bed, please run the Z-Offset utility.
      Note: To access the Z-Offset utility, go to "Menu" -> "Bed Level" -> "Adjust Z-Offset".
  6. Run the Bed Level Test Print and confirm that the bed is leveled correcly.

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