Plastic Extruder Replacement




Replace the Plastic Extruder

To replace the Plastic Extruder:

  1. Unload any Plastic filament from your printer.
  2. Unload any Fiber filament from your printer.
  3. Allow your print head to cool down.
    Note: The print head will take about five to seven minutes to completely cool.
  4. Turn off your printer.
  5. Use a 2mm allen wrench to loosen the top right set screw on the front plate of the Fiber Extruder.

  6. Remove the Fiber Feed Tube inlet from the Fiber Extruder and slide the Fiber Feed Tube out of the channel in the bottom of the Plastic Extruder.
  7. Unscrew the thumb screw that connects the Plastic Bowden Tube to the Plastic Extruder.

  8. Remove the Plastic Bowden Tube from the Plastic Extruder and let it hang freely.
  9. Use a 2.5mm allen wrench to remove the bolts that attach the Plastic Extruder to bracket to the printer chassis.

  10. Unclip the white wire clips that attach to the Plastic Extruder.
  11. Remove the Plastic Extruder from the printer.
  12. Place the new Plastic Extruder in the printer.
  13. Re-attach the white wire clips onto the Plastic Extruder.
  14. Place the bolts and lock washers in the holes on the printer chassis.

  15. Slide the Fiber Feed Tube through the channel at the bottom of the Plastic Extruder towards the Fiber Extuder.
  16. Slide the metal inlet on the Fiber Feed Tube into the V-shaped groove on the right side of the Fiber Extruder and use the 2mm allen wrench to tighten the set screw.

  17. Reinstall the Plastic Bowden Tube in the Plastic Extruder and tighten the thumb screw.
  18. Turn on the printer and reload materials.

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