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About WebGL

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is an online tool that allows you to render 3D graphics, including parts and builds within Eiger. Google Chrome supports WebGL, and in most cases will have it enabled by default. However, depending on customized settings and browser extensions used, it may be disabled.

If WebGL is disabled, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • STL image is blurry or not available in Part View or Internal View
  • Thumbnail images are not available for parts in the library.

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Troubleshooting WebGL

Please disable any browser extensions used within Google Chrome and follow steps above to enable hardware acceleration. If possible, please make sure your graphics driver is updated to the latest version before troubleshooting.

Here is a list of blacklisted graphics cards/drivers: https://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/BlacklistsAndWhitelists#Chrome


To troubleshoot WebGL issues:

    1. Go to get.webgl.org to check if you have WebGL enabled in your browser. If it is enabled, you should see a spinning cube on the webpage. If not, please continue to Step 2.
    2. Go to chrome://settings in your browser.
    3. Click the “Show advanced settings…” link at the bottom of the page.
    4. Scroll down to the “System” section and make sure the “Use hardware acceleration when available” checkbox is checked.
      • If this is not checked, this is most likely the cause of your issue; click on the checkbox and restart Google Chrome. Please check Eiger to see if the issue is resolved. If issues persist in Eiger, please continue to step 5.
    5. Go to chrome://gpu.
    6. Navigate to the “Graphics Feature Status” section. WebGL will have a status of one of the following:
      • Hardware accelerated: WebGL is enabled and hardware-accelerated (running on the graphics card).
      • Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable: WebGL is enabled, but running in software only.
      • Unavailable: WebGL is not available in hardware or software.
    7. If the WebGL status does not state "Hardware accelerated", navigate to the “Problems Detected” section for further explanation. WebGL may be unavailable due to following reasons:
      • An extension in Google Chrome is disabling WebGL from being used.
      • The current version of your graphics driver needs to be updated to the latest version.
      • Your computer's graphics card / driver is blacklisted with the latest version of Google Chrome. Go to https://threejs.org/examples/#webgl_animation_cloth to see if your hardware is compatible with running WebGL.

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