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Print Job History


The Print Job History page allows users to interact with previously run print jobs across all printers associated with your Organization. This is useful for those organizations that may need to reprint, reconfigure and rate the quality of jobs that have previously been printed.

Prints that are cancelled will also appear in the Print Job History. Prints that are started offline, via USB, will NOT appear in the Print Job History.

Access the print job history:

  • Navigate to
  • In Eiger, you can also open the Print Job History page by clicking on the Print Job History button in the Navigation Pane (the blipboard icon).

The Print Job History page contains the following sections:

  • Search
  • Filters
  • Print Job Details

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Basic Navigation and functionality

Available features in the print job history page are:

  • Search: Allows users to find print jobs by part name or build name. When using the search field the columned list of print job details will update automatically with matches.
  • Filters: Allows users to narrow the view of available prints by the following options:
    • Owner: Shows the print jobs that were exclusively sent by one more specified user(s).
    • Material: Shows the print jobs that used one or more specified material(s).
    • Printer Type: Shows the print jobs of one or more specified printer type(s).
    • Printers: Shows print jobs exclusively sent to one or more specified printer(s). Printers are listed by printer name. Printer that have not been assigned a name will be listed by Printer ID number.
    • Has Images: Shows print jobs that have camera images associated with them.
    • Has Scans: Shows the print jobs that have laser scans.
  • Details: Allows users to view details about the list of print jobs. Users will be able to view the following:
    • Print: Shows information about the selected print. Users can view the following details:
      • Name of Print Job
      • Camera Icon: Allows users to view any pictures taken by a USB camera for that print.
      • Laser Icon: Allows users to view any scan data for that print.
      • Material Icon: Shows what plastic and fiber materials were used in the print.
      • Print Button: Allows users to re-print that exact part. Users will be prompted to choose a printer.
        Note: Users will be able to print directly to an online, available printer or add the print to the queue of an online, busy printer. For more information, see the support article for printing parts.
      • Print Job Dropdown: Shows the following options:
        • Open: Opens the part file.
        • Export: Exports the print file as an .MFP file.
    • Printer: Shows the name of the printer that ran the print job.
    • User: Shows the name of the user who submitted the print job.
    • Date: Shows the date that the print job was processed.
    • Print Time: Shows the total time taken to run the print job.
    • Rating: Shows the user rating of the quality of the printer part.

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