Safety First


Congratulations on your Mark X purchase!

Please take a moment to review the following safety guidelines.

The following notes indicate potential safety hazards that should be recognized when operating a Markforged Mark X 3D Printer.

Before beginning use, the Mark X must be plugged into a power outlet that is close to the printer and easily accessible. In case of an emergency, disconnect the Mark X immediately from the power outlet.

The Mark X generates high temperatures.

Tip: Always allow the Mark X to cool down before opening the visor or lid, or before reaching inside the printer. Always take extra care when working near the print head. 

The Mark X has many moving parts that could cause injury.

Tip: While the Mark X is in operation never reach inside it, or open the visor or the lid.

There is risk of electric shock while the printer is in use.

Tip: Please consult with Markforged or an Authorized Reseller for service. Do NOT use materials that have not been approved by Markforged for use with the Mark X. The Mark X is designed to work only with Markforged's proprietary materials and consumables.

The Mark X melts thermoplastics and emits thermoplastic odors during printing.

Tip: Make sure to operate the Mark X in a well-ventilated area.

The scraper provided with Markforged printers is sharp and can cause injury if used incorrectly.

Tip: Always scrape away from yourself. Rest the bed in a vertical position, against a sturdy level surface when removing a part. Always use short, ramming motions to remove a part from the print bed. Always keep fingers or other body parts out of the path of the scraper when removing a part from the print bed. Keep the angle between the scraper and the print bed small while you are removing your part.

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