Prepare the Print Bed




About the TrueBed

The Markforged TrueBed is produced from a precision composite laminate and is designed to be flatter, more robust and easier to use than ever. The TrueBed is twice as flat as our original Print bed, for more reliable, hassle-free printing. It includes two locating features at the back of the bed that make the print bed quickly drop into place, every time. The material used in the TrueBed is also resistant to scratches and has no risk of delamination; however, the surface does wear out after many parts are peeled and the bed is still considered a consumable item.

Usage Info:

  • Be sure to apply a layer of glue prior to every print.
  • Use warm water and a sponge to wash the TrueBed.
  • Use proper scraping technique to avoid damaging the bed when removing parts 

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Preparing your Print Bed

  1. Before starting a print, ensure that the print bed is totally clean of plastic from any previous prints.  Scrape off any plastic with the bed provided bed scraper.
  2. Use the provided glue stick to apply a layer of glue to the print bed where you intend to print. This will keep the part attached to the bed.
    You can apply glue to the entire bed, or just where the part prints.

  3. After each print, use warm water to clean any residual glue from the print bed.
    The bed is waterproof.  You can fully submerge the bed, and wash it thoroughly. Do not use a dishwasher. Do not use soaps or other cleaners, as these may damage or leave residue on the bed.

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