How Eiger Works




About Eiger

Eiger is Markforged's 3D printing software. It was designed from the ground up to be secure, easy to use, and convenient to access.

There are four kinds of data that Eiger deals with:

  • STL files
  • Internal Slicer Data
  • MFP Files
  • Generic Application Data

STL files are the standard file type used by all additive manufacturing systems. STL files are exported by CAD and 3D modeling programs as a simplified mesh of only surface geometry. STL files lack metadata relating to CAD or the originating program.

Internal Slicer Data is the intermediary representation of the sliced STL that we use on the Internal View.

MFP Files (MarkForged Print) is the raw output of Eiger that our Markforged printers uses to print your part.

Generic Application Data refers to both the application code served from the server to the user to run the application, and schema data sent from the user to the server that is used to make sure user data is not corrupted between updates. This includes information that associates part builds with organizations and users, versioning information, etc. Application Data sent from the user to the server does not include any CAD data.

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Eiger Cloud

Eiger backs up your data in our secure cloud storage system. Only members of your Organization on Eiger have access to your data. Markforged employees cannot access any of your data without explicit permission from you.

All communication with Markforged services is encrypted.

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Eiger Desktop

The Desktop version of Eiger allows users to save their STL files, Internal Slice Data and MFP Files on their hard drive. The only information that is exchanged with the Eiger Server is Application Data. Note that you still need an internet connection to use Eiger Desktop to verify yourself as a licensed user.

We specifically do not transmit your part file (STL file), generated print files, or any specific geometric information about your part. We slice for printing locally on your machine. We do transmit - encrypted and under our Privacy Policy - account information for the license server, part settings, and material amount/print volume used.



Eiger On-Premise

The On-Premise version of Eiger allows users to import STL files to be converted into MFP builds. This version does not connect or exchange any information with the Eiger Server. The prerequisites for installing and using Eiger On-Premise is Windows 7 or OS X Yosemite (or later), 2GB RAM, and 1GB HDD space; Google Chrome is not required.

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