Reporting Feedback on Prints



Reporting Feedback on your Printer

Because Markforged is committed to understanding our customer’s experience, while continuing to improve upon it, we’ve developed a very simple and quick way for you to provide us with feedback about your prints. Print feedback is tracked by Markforged to get a better idea of what aspects of printing are the most difficult or which failures are the most common. Feedback on prints can be reported when a print finishes or is stopped before it completes. The feature for reporting feedback allows you to select as many different print issues as needed. In addition, you can find additional information about each type of failure, along with common causes of the failure, in the reporting feature.

To report feedback on your printer:

  1. Select "Feedback" from the "Print Complete" or "Print Incomplete" screen on your printer.

  2. Select the "?" button to switch to "Help Mode".

  3. Select an issue to see common causes or additional information about that issue.

  4. Select the "?" button again to switch back to "Feedback Mode".

  5. Select any applicable options from the screen and click "Save".

  6. Select "Clear Bed" to submit Feedback or select "Feedback" again to edit selections.

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Preview Available Feedback Options

The available feedback options differ slightly depending on if your part uses fiber or not. Each option includes additional information about the issue and possbile causes as a part of Help Mode.

  • Parts with only Plastic will have the following main feedback screen:

  • Parts with Fiber will have the following main feedback screen:

The available feedback options for all prints are:

The additional options available with fiber prints are:

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