Create an Eiger Organization




Creating an Eiger Organization

Before you can print to your printer, you will need to create an organization in Eiger, our software for setting up and slicing parts. You will need your Printer ID and Access Key to complete this process.

To create a new organization with your Printer ID:

  1. Navigate to in a Google Chrome browser.
  2. Find your Printer ID and Access Key on the stickers provided with your printer or on your printer's Printer Info screen.
  3. Input all of the required information to sign up for an Eiger organization.

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Adding a Printer to an Existing Organization

If you already have an existing organization you can add a new printer to it at any time with the Printer ID and Access Key.

To add a printer to an existing organization:

  1. Sign into you Eiger account in a Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select the Add Printer button on the screen.
  4. Enter the Printer Name, Printer ID, and Printer Access Key into the fields on the screen and click Add Printer.

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