Removing Plastic From Bowden Tube




Unloading Plastic In The Bowden Tube

When loading plastic after the previous spool has run out, you will need to remove the fragment of plastic that remains in the line between the extruder motor and the print head. To successfully remove the plastic from the Bowden tube, you will need to heat the plastic nozzle to allow the melted plastic to release from the print head.

  1. Press the menu button in the upper right corner of your printer's LCD touch screen.

  2. Select the "Utilities" tile from the available options.

  3. Select the "Manual Control" tile from the available options. 

  4. Select the "Temperature Control" tile from the available options.

  5. Select the "Heat" option on the screen when prompted.

  6. Press the "Done" icon to exit from the manual heating utility.

  7. While the plastic nozzle is heating, remove the thumb screw that connects the Plastic Bowden Tube to the Plastic Extruder.
  8. Once the plastic nozzle is hot, pull the plastic filament from the Bowden tube.
    Note: The tip of the plastic that was in the print head may be hot.
  9. Insert the nut into the Plastic Extruder, tighten the thumb screw, and reload the material.

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