Level the Print Bed




The print bed MUST be leveled on the first start up and should be checked regularly throughout the life of the printer. Once the bed has been successfully leveled, the Kinematic Couplings allows for easy removal and re-installation of the print bed, with up to 10 micron repeatability.



Install Print Bed

To install the print bed

  1. Orient the print bed such that the spheres on the bottom align with the three elliptical holes in the stage.
    Note: print bed is shown upside down to show the spheres

  2. Gently set the print bed down into place.  The magnetic couplings will automatically align and properly secure the print bed.

In order to successfully print great parts on your Onyx One 3D printer, it is very important that you make certain that the print bed is correctly leveled. To help you achieve this, Markforged has provided you an adjustment shim to help you successfully level the print bed. 
Caution: Please ensure that the latest Onyx One firmware is downloaded and installed before leveling.

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Leveling the Print Bed

Supplies Needed for this Section: Plastic Shim

To Level the Print Bed:

  1. On the LCD touch screen, press the Menu icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Press Bed Level > Shim Bed Level. 

  3. Press “Next” to begin the procedure for leveling your print bed and adjusting the plastic nozzle height.

  4. Ensure you have the supplies listed on the screen and press "Next"
  5. Per the on-screen instructions, loosen each of the three thumbscrews on the bottom of the print bed until the print bed is at its lowest position. Press “Next”.
    Note: Be careful not to unscrew the screws all the way out of their threading. The bed is at its lowest position when the aluminum flexure strips are flush with the surface of the stage.

  6. Slide the shim labeled “PLASTIC SHIM” between the print bed and the plastic nozzle, located on the bottom of the print head assembly, towards the back of the printer.  Press “Next”.

  7. Adjust the thumbscrew directly below the plastic nozzle until you can feel slight resistance while sliding the shim.
    Note: if you adjust a thumbscrew to the point where you are no longer able to turn it, yet there is still too much play, and you are not able to create the desired “slight” resistance with the shim, please see the instructions for Adjusting the Z-Offset of the Bed.

               Plastic Shim 100uM                                                 Thumbscrew

  8. Repeat step 6 for each of the other screws. Press "Next" after leveling each screw so the printer can move to the next point.

  9. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to level the print bed.
    Note: The leveling procedure will guide you through leveling the three points on the bed twice.  The second pass is intentional and is necessary to ensure proper bed level and high quality prints. 

You have now successfully leveled the print bed.

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Adjusting the Z-Offset of the Bed

If you are currently running the Level Print Bed procedure, press "Cancel" in the upper right corner of the LCD sreen.

To adjust the Z-Offset of the print bed:

  1. Press the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the LCD screen.
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. Select "Adjust Z Offset".
  4. Follow the LCD screen instructions accordingly to correct the Z-Offset.

Once the Z-offset is corrected, you may restart the "Level Print Bed" procedure.

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